Candle Care

Wick Length

The first thing you want to do is make sure your wick is the proper length. We recommend using a wick trimmer since it creates a nice clean cut that maintains the integrity of the wick. You want your wick to be about ¼” in length before burning. You will want to trim the wick to this size for every subsequent burn. We recommend only trimming wicks on cooled candles, to prevent debris from falling into hot wax. Trimming your wick ensures that your flame size will not be too large, causing your candle to burn too fast, decreasing it’s overall lifespan. Too large of wicks can also fall over into the wax pool, causing the candle to extinguish itself.  

Keeping Things Safe!

The ideal surface for burning your candle is even, heat safe, away from drafts, and out of reach of pets, children and debris that could easily catch fire. 

The First Burn is the Most Important

Make sure to allow at least 3-4 hours for the first time your burn your candle. This is the most important burn of your candle's lifetime. Make sure that the melted wax pool reaches to all sides of the jar before extinguishing. Your candle's wax has a memory and if there is no full melt pool after the first burn, it may start tunneling on any future burns.  Tunneling means that the candle will burn straight down, leaving wasted wax along the sides of the jar.

Candle Burning Don'ts

  • Don’t leave unattended
  • Don’t play with the wax or try to move the wax around the jar. This will make the wax uneven and promote uneven burning.
  • Don’t burn for more than 4 hours. Your wick can “mushroom” and create a large and unstable flame.
  • Don’t forget to trim that wick! Untrimmed wicks lead to popping, smoking, and soot. This is how candles end up looking dirty and full of debris.
  • Don’t burn in a small unventilated room.
  • Don’t fall asleep with your candle burning.